The Gentleman’s Guide to Brimfield

Hello Gents and Ladies!

Welcome to our guide to Brimfield! The Brimfield Antique Show, in Brimfield Massachusetts, draws thousands of people – vendors and buyers alike – each season. Coming prepared is the best way to set yourself up for success!

Be sure to read through our in-depth article of our first Brimfield trip here. Here in this article, we have provided our ‘quick-guide’ for tips and tricks to be successful.

Brimfield Itself

  • Brimfield happens 3 times a year: in May, July, September.
    • May has the largest amount of vendors (and buyers).
    • July hadn’t had as many vendors or buyers (likely due to the heat only the serious pickers come out).
    • September was better than July, but not as big as the May time show.
  • Hotels – be sure to book well ahead of time as they fill up and have no vacancy the week of.
  • Food at the show
    • They have typical town-fair food.
    • Also have some gourmet and specialty food vendors.
      • Limited vegan and vegetarian but there are a few vendors.
  • Local food restaurants – we would definitely recommend stopping at Baba Sushi and Hot Pot in Sturbridge Massachusetts. Only a few minutes drive from the Brimfield Antique Show.

Our Guide to Brimfield!

– Bring water (and drink it! It was likely in the mid-50’s to lower 60’s and I went through 4 water bottles and 2 bottles of coconut water due to all the walking).
– Come early (so you have access to the fields right when they open).
– Parking will be ~$10 and only cash. Be prepared.
– They have on-site ATM’s if you find a large purchase that you did not bring the money for.
– Go to the fields which are “opening day” as inventory will cycle.
– Opening day fields have a $5 entrance fee.
– You can ship purchased items via FedEx and UPS onsite.
– There are couriers to help carry (large) items to your car (for a fee).
– Vendors will often hold an item you purchased and you can stop back later and pick it up. Often if the vendor is there multiple days, you may even be able to coordinate with them on a different day.
– Some fields charge a fee on their opening day (and often stop charging it at like 2:00).
– Don’t dress nice – you’ll only get charged more.
– portapotties – there is a McDonald’s on the way there that we’d recommend stopping at.
– Bring your cellphones to communicate with your group when you get lost as the myriad of booths and layout it will certainly happen.
– Wear something noticeable so you can pick your friends out in the crowd.
– If you have kids – pay attention – as there are sharp objects such as axes, swords, scythes, saws, and other tools.

Items to bring Guide to Brimfield

– alcohol hand sanitizer (you’ll be touching a lot of items)
– backpack
– backup battery for your cell
– camera (for ideas! if your cell doesn’t work)
– cash (most vendors don’t have other payment methods – there is an on-site ATM)
– comfortable shoes (sandles may hurt if you trip – very uneven ground)
– extra carrying bags (like ikea bag)
– hat (for the sun)
– ikea bag (you don’t get any bigger and they are easily collapsible)
– plastic bags for whatever
– rain gear (jacket, umbrella, etc – just in case)
– sun glasses
– screw driver/multi-tool/wrenches/etc (to disassemble any purchases)
– socks – extra socks
– sun screen
– tissues
– training tape
– wheeling roller carrier (if you plan on getting a lot!)
– warm clothes (except in July!!!!)
– water (and lots of it)


Parking $5-$10 (depending on how far you want to walk)

Field Fee’s: $5+ (depending on the field)


Hopefully with our “Guide to Brimfield” you will be well prepared and successful! Happy picking!


~The Genuine Gentleman~
Tom Morgan & Blake Douglas

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