Life Print

So you want to come up with your life print?!

Wait??? What!? A life print!?!??? What’s that??

It’s like a blue-print….. but for your life.

Having a plan is the first step towards success. You don’t just show up at the airport, hop onto a plane with a bunch of other random people all banded together and then have the pilot come over the intercom and ask “Where to today folks?!

Your life is THE most important thing to you – so why not have a clear plan for yourself? Why not set achievable goals? And work towards them? With an aligned purpose with clear guidelines, you have a model for a successful life!


A life print is composed of the following key sections (and feel free to add your own input to your life!):

  • Your Life Vision (& Mission Statement)
  • Your Core Values
  • Your Category/Sector Goals
    – Professional
    – Personal
    – Financial
    – Relational
    – Recreational

That is the outline – take some time for yourself to determine and set each of them. I recommend writing all sections of the life print first and then setting your “life vision” as the last thing that you write. As that will allow you to have the perspective with your values and goals mapped out already. In your document (or journal, or wherever you have decided to catalog your life print…) do be sure to have the the life vision listed first. IE – it should be listed at the top. As then each time you refer back to this document, it will be the first thing that you see. So to make sure you’ve got that! Write your ‘vision’ as the last thing but have it listed first in your life print!

The next step after you have everything mapped out????

Then you work towards all of it…

Always check back in periodically to your life print document to ensure you are not deviating from your core values (ie something like family comes first) or life vision. In times where you have an important decision to make – such as taking a new job in a far away city – check if it aligns with the life print you have for yourself. Or adjust your life print if your goals change (growth is good!). This way you will know if you go to the concert you had previously bought tickets for – or – spend time at the family gathering that now haphazardly overlaps with your plans!

It really works!!!

Some further details on the nitty gritty!!!


This is your ‘overall vision’ of what you’d like your life to look like. You should set your vision broadly. You will surprise yourself! I will just throw out some wild life visions to get you started!

President of the United States

Billionaire who owns their own Private Island

Your “mission statement” is what you plan to do as an ‘action’ – not the vision, but what you will be doing with that vision and with your life.

The interesting thing – is this – your mission statement can change over time. Earlier in my life, I was a former professional athlete. And when I was – my sole goal, vision, and purpose in life was just to conquer and win. That was my purpose.
When I moved on towards the next stage of my life, that is still my goal, but the arena where I apply it has changed. So you have to understand when a shift has occurred. Some of my current mission statements and life visions are:

  • To always be expanding.
  • To be the best version of myself that is possible.
  • To be the embodiment of the exceptional.
  • To push the limits of what is possible in life.


These are the things which are the basis of what your life is geared around. You should actually limit your core values to distill the primary ones that are really important to you – not a list of 20 or 100, but somewhere around 5-7. This is because this is what you want as the focus of your life and how could you focus on 67 different things?! Your life print will allow you to distill down to what you really care about.
Here are some example core values for you to choose from:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Social life
  • Being successful
  • Being happy
  • Being healthy
  • Giving 100% into my focuses
  • Being more forgiving
  • More kind
  • Always be learning
  • Be more open minded
  • Try new things
  • Learning to relax
  • Having more fun
  • Reading more
  • etc

This is your life, so I am going to let you choose your values! I don’t judge!!


These are the various “major bucket” category goals you have for life. As it goes – you get to write this chapter too in your life print!

Professional – Finish college, go to college, establish a career, get a promotion, become a CEO, etc.
Personal – Own a home, get in better shape, get your teeth fixed.
Financial – Retirement, a vacation, a new car… Whatever is your financial goals to reach towards.
Relational – find your soul mate, communicate more, etc
Recreational – Hobbies, travel goals, arts


I have found when speaking to others, they have felt lost in their life when they did not know where they were going. This means that they had no mission statement or life vision. When you have a purpose – and a plan, it gives you a target to aim at, which helps you to know where you are going and not feel lost.

I have also found others often are upset and angry with themselves and feel they did something wrong if they violate one of what is their implicit ‘core values’/principles – though they may not know it even was one at the time. It is a feeling that they know they went against their beliefs. But… If you never wrote them down. And you don’t know what is “of” value to you, how will you know if you violate them?

So! Be sure to map your life. Write down your life print. Remember, this is for you. And it is not set in stone but something to help you prevent flipping your canoe. I am pleased you took the time to read through this and hopefully have drafted your very own “life print“!

And now that you have a plan. And a guide to keep you in the lanes….

Your last step for your life????
***LIVE IT.***

[[Please live bravely]]

~The Genuine Gentleman~

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