Nubble Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse

Located in York Maine, just a short 1 hour and 20 minute drive north from Boston – is the idyllic and scenic Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick point. The iconic Nubble Lighthouse is one of the most photographed of it’s kind in New England. We certainly can see why! Nubble Lighthouse - Cape Neddick Maine


I had happened to travel there on a Thursday weekday. Plenty of parking was available and it was quite easy to get a parking spot. I hear on the weekends and especially during the summer time (peak season) that it gets well beyond packed there. And you have to wait in a line of cars some length just to get a parking spot.

So we would have to recommend avoiding the weekend and attempting to go on a weekday. That way you get to enjoy the peacefulness and calmness of the ocean and views with all the less busyness.

Lighthouse Island

There is no public access to the small island that the Nubble Lighthouse is on. While you will not be able to directly get up close and personal right next to the lighthouse, you will have amazing views from the rocks on the opposing shore. You can see the little dingy boats against the rocks which they use to travel to and from the small island.

The island itself is not open to the public. During our visit, we had happened to see a small group of people there. Presumably working or doing repairs. Nubble Lighthouse - Cape Neddick Maine

The Area

Other than the obvious beauty of Nubble Lighthouse itself – it would also make a great lunch or picnic spot to bring a special someone. You could camp on the rocks underneath the opposing beacon. Or you could find one of the surrounding benches and park there for your planned outing. You shouldn’t have to worry about fending off any pesky birds. As I had to spend literally minutes waiting – dashing side to side across the rocks like a madman – trying to capture this shot of the passing seagull in the foreground of the lighthouse. Nubble Lighthouse - Cape Neddick Maine seagull

Just a small walk from the Nubble Lighthouse is a quaint little New England ice cream shop. It would be the perfect addition to the scenic views of the lighthouse and can only add to the enjoyment of your visit. If you are hungry, literally in the same parking lot for Nubble is “Fox’s Lobster House” – golden fox statue and all! I hear that too is packed during peak season.

There is also a small gift shop on the peninsula – but more importantly! A public restroom facility which you will be able to use from your long drive to see the great scenic Nubble Lighthouse!

We hope that you too are able to make the trip one day and enjoy!

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