There is a recent trend focusing on “minimalism”. Where you have just what you need and remove all the extra clutter from your life. It’s not that you live like a a monk “and have nothing”. You have things. But just what is necessary.

Some of the simplest times I remember having in my life was when I lived in California with a roommate. Everything I owned fit into one tiny room. I had a bed. A computer/desk. Dresser. A closet with my clothes. A wall of DVDs (quickly becoming a thing of the past!). A paper shredder. Trash bin. Alarm clock. Laundry hamper and some. This allowed me to have an intense focus to be able to pursue my passions with minimal distractions.

Less is More – The Value of Minimalism

– You aren’t always sitting there going: “I need to go through that closet”, or “that garage”, or “that basement”. Leaving your weekends free.

– Everything is much more ordered – which leaves you with a feeling that your entire life is ordered.

– You have satisfaction that “everything has a place” which gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus your energy, attention, and life on other things.

– There is less choice of “what to wear”.

– Instead of buying 10 things of little value, you can buy 1 thing of great value. Take shoes for example. Most of the pairs I own were “no name” brands and otherwise not of quality. They only last 1-2 years. If you instead purchase a quality shoe, they not only last an inordinate amount of time, but often are able to be repaired/re-soled. For example, take a look at my pair of heritage quality Red Wing Iron Rangers. I’ve had these for a number of years. They appear to just be getting better with age. And if the sole or any other piece wears out, it can be replaced!

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger boots

– You are able to use your time to “invest” in people and experiences instead of having “things” as your ‘life goals.’

Take Away’s

Buy what you want but only what you need.
It is better to have quality than quantity.

This also has applicability when you travel (to pack minimally).

I found that after spending about two weeks going through my basement that when it comes to minimalism it is best to start with the principle in mind and be proactive about your choices and the quality of what you purchase.

And with minimalism – you don’t have to take it to the far extreme and live like a pauper or a monk – but just keep the stuff that provides value in your life. Everything has it’s place. You do that and you’re well on your way of living an exemplary gentlemanly life!

-Thomas Morgan

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